Company Bio

What started as an enjoyable past time to improve the quality and quantity of wildlife (by enhancing their habitat) on my hunting properties, quickly became a full time passion in 2002. That’s when Plots Plus was born.

I started out planting several different brands of seed and seed blends, but found Mossy Oak’s BioLogic to be the most successful brand in what I was trying to accomplish—provide high quality food sources to attract and grow bigger deer. With that being said, in 2003 Plots Plus began a working relationship with BioLogic providing many services for outdoorsmen across the country.

Since then, the demand for professional food plot planting has increased across the country. With this continuing demand, Plots Plus has grown to franchise status with multiple franchises in the United States.

We are professional wildlife managers with over 100 combined years of experience in wildlife management and the only official food plot planters for Mossy Oak BioLogic.

Plots Plus offers many services to enhance your hunting experience—from planting food plots to setting gates and posted signs. No farm is too small or too big. Give us a call or shoot us an email for more information on our services or available franchises.

Planting the obsession,
Kenny Thompson
Founder, Plots Plus Wildlife Management Services

Check out Kenny's articles in BioLogic’s Farming for Wildlife magazine—he writes a different article in every issue!

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