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Jeff Farmer

The guys at Plots Plus started helping me on my farm a little over two years ago. The results are definite and amazing. They do much more than plant food plots. They form a partnership with the landowner that helps you develop a top class hunting experience. They serve as consultants on how to manage my hunting property for all types of game, while forming this plan around my personal goals for the farm.

I live over two hours from my 1500 acre hunting property. As a long distance landowner with a full time job two hours away, I do not have the time to manage my farm with the attention to detail that is required to keep the farm as a first class hunting operation. This is yet another area where Plots Plus has been extremely valuable to me. They stay on top of the plots year round, constantly monitoring the success of their plantings. I give Kenny the general directions and goals for my farm, and he makes and implements a plan to achieve those goals. Kenny Thompson is very innovative and can custom fit a plan for your farm to maximize your farm‚s hunting potential. He will spend whatever time is necessary to understand your property and what you goals are for the property.

Kenny Thompson and his team of professionals are extremely knowledgeable and hard-working. I first met Kenny two years ago, after being referred to him by Mossy Oak BioLogic. I immediately appreciated his knowledge and expertise as well as his passion for his profession. Most importantly, Kenny Thompson runs his business with complete and total integrity. Hardworking, knowledgeable, honest and innovative is a great combination. That is what you will get when you do business with Plots Plus. I would recommend Kenny for any property, regardless of size!

Jeff Farmer
Hill Slough Hunting Club
Lynn, AR