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Kenny Thompson

Kenny Thompson is the founder of Plots Plus Wildlife Management Services, LLC. He was born and raised in West Tennessee and resides there with his wife, Gina and three children (Shelby, Dalton, and Clayton). Kenny has over 20 years of wildlife management experience and enjoys the outdoors immensely. His passion for the obsession led him to make a career of wildlife and land management.

Currently, Kenny takes care of planting and managing clients’ properties in Tennessee as well as trains new franchisees who have joined the Plots Plus family. He is an avid hunter and when he is not on a tractor, you can find him bowhunting large whitetails and turkeys. He has over 25 years experience hunting everything from ducks and geese to quail and rabbits. Kenny’s other passion is introducing children to the outdoors. He is looking forward to future hunting adventures with his daughter and two sons. If you have a wildlife or land management need or if you are interested in becoming a Plots Plus family member, get in touch with Kenny and he will guide you in the right direction.

Kenny Thompson
Plots Plus Wildlife Management Services, LLC

Plots Plus Wildlife Management Services