About Us

Plots Plus, L.L.C. is a Wildlife Management Services firm that specializes in habitat management for wildlife.

Whether you want to attract wildlife, grow bigger wildlife, or maintain wildlife, we can assist. We visit and assess your farm/farm lease to consult or develop a wildlife management plan for optimization of utilization. In other words, we can tell you what you need to attract, grow, and maintain (big bucks, turkey, ducks, quail, etc.) for short-term or long-time wildlife management. Good thing is, not only can we assess and advise, we can do it—we plant food plots, set fences and gates, build deer box/ladder stands, provide brush and brush duck blinds, plant dove and duck fields, establish mineral and salt licks, build and establish trough feeders, trail camera set up and monitoring, etc. With our 100 plus combined years of wildlife management experience, no job is too small or too big to handle. We are brand loyal to Mossy Oak BioLogic products and our relationship with them is solid. With their knowledge and products we know we are planting the best seed/seed blends in the industry.

Don’t forget to check out BioLogic’s Farming for Wildlife magazine—Kenny writes a different article in every issue.

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